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You can contact me, Keith Adams, Managing Director on:
Phone: 0161 298 0689
Mobile: 07739 525453

Database Focus is a trading style of Digital Marketing Focus Ltd.

Database Focus is a Digital Marketing service for small businesses who want to grow sales. We use real life data to speedily profile, find and convert your prospects to advocates.

We’re different because our product pricing always includes a low fixed cost and a results based element, supported by proof of achievement through continual measurement.

We have a choice of flexible delivery options to suit your circumstances – Advise, Coach, Teach, Support, Fully outsourced Digital Marketing Services or a mixture.

'Prospects to Advocates' - 25+ years managing successful SMEs

With 25+ years experience founding and managing successful SMEs in data management, we are passionate about generating sales for small businesses

  • Move your prospects quickly through the sales funnel
  • Find new prospects in your target market
  • Help you engage with prospects effectively
  • Convert prospects to customers and retain them
  • Reactivate previous customers
  • Grow revenues from existing customers
  • Build and encourage customers to become brand advocates

‘Prospects to Advocates – Sales Funnel Management’ (click to expand)

We deliver this by collecting, overlaying, and analysing real life data to deliver communications, content and offers tailored to the needs and preferences of each individual. Activities are directly linked to business objectives and formulated using a clearly defined framework. See the ‘Prospects to Advocates – Sales funnel management’ diagram opposite.

Intelligent Digital Marketing

By executing intelligent Digital Marketing initiatives, we

  • Generate targeted traffic
  • Convert prospects to customers
  • Retain and grow customer lifetime value
  • Ultimately convert them to advocates

Performance related payment, Choice of delivery methods

We’re also different because we offer

  • An element of performance based remuneration
  • Proof of achievement
  • Choice of delivery – Advise, Coach, Teach, Support, Digital Services or mixture

Lean Systems with continual performance measurement

We use lean, agile systems with built-in continual testing and measurement to

  • Get results speedily
  • Minimise outlay and financial risk
  • Aid decision making and improve future results